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It means that a student registered in a higher education institution gains the right to continue his/her education in other diploma programs at the same academic level.

Lateral Transfer from Foreign Higher Education Institutions to Ege University

The application terms of lateral transfer students from foreign higher education institutions to Ege University are as follows;

a) Conditions, quotas, application form, application and evaluation calendar, and documents required for application and registration for lateral transfer applications  to be made from foreign higher education institutions to Ege University equivalent diploma programs are announced on our website www.oidb.ege.edu.tr every year in the month of June.

b) Applications of students applying for lateral transfer are evaluated by the board of directors of the relevant unit, ranked according to students  CGPA within the determined quota and finalized.

c) The student who will make a lateral transfer must meet the foreign language requirement of the program.


Terms of Application

A student who wishes to transfer from abroad to Ege University from higher education institutions  must meet the following conditions;

a) The university which the student coming from must be recognized by YÖK (Council of Higher Education)  and the study program to be transferred by Ege University must be accepted as equivalent.

b) Student should be successful in all the courses he/she is required to take in the higher education program he/she has attended and to have a CGPA of at least 75 out of 100 points;

d) To meet the foreign language proficiency requirements announced for programs that provide education in a foreign language partially or completely;

e) Having one of the following equivalent documents in the applications for lateral transfer to Ege University by the students who have started their education abroad,

SAT 1 :  At least 1000 points

ACT :  A minimum score of 21

Abitur: At least 4 points

French Baccalaureate (Le Bac): Diploma grade at least 12

GCE A Level Certificate: At least 2 courses

International Baccalaureat IB: At least 28

Austrian Matura Diploma (Matura Reifezeugnis): Maximum 2

Italian Maturita Diploma (Diploma di Maturita): At least 70


1) In order to be able to transfer from a higher education institution abroad to a program in our country for which the             success rating is sought; following conditions must be fullfilled.

a) In the year the student started higher education, the university he/she is enrolled, must be in the top four hundred of the world rankings determined by the ranking institutions based on the Council of Higher Education, and must meet the term/class and success conditions,    (University Senate Decision-31/08/2021-19/2)            

b) In case of being enrolled in a university other than the top first four hundred universities;

1) Those who have completed their secondary education in Turkey, in any case, have taken the central placement exam and have met the condition of success ranking in the relevant score type of the program for which the success ranking condition is sought as of the registration year,

2) Those who have completed at least the last two years of their secondary education abroad, have successfully passed at least four semesters of their diploma program, excluding the preparatory class,

f) Except for the suspension of studies, the student has not lost a semester/year;

g) The application for lateral transfer has been made only to the semester/class following the registered semester/class;

h) Students are required to attach documents presenting  their university (faculty/college) abroad to their application documents.



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