Çerez Örnek

Special Student


It refers  to a student who is registered in a higher education institution and wants to acquire a different higher education environment, culture, attainment  or  given the opportunity to continue his /her education in a different higher education institution, provided that his/her registration remains at their own university due to his/her special situation like health and similar reasons, or a student who wants to acquire master, doctorate or art proficiency programs of our university with the approval of the relevant institute or department.


General principles regarding to special studentship

(1) The course or courses that the student wishes to take must be equivalent in terms of content and credit to the course or courses in his/her program and must be approved by the academic unit he/she is enrolled in.

 (2) A student who registers as a special student is given a special student ID card by the Registrar's Office. The student, whose special student period has expired, carries out the exmatriculation process.

(3) The student is given a certificate of the courses he has taken as a special student.

(4) The sum of the credits of the courses that special students can take in a semester cannot exceed the maximum credit limit that can be taken in a semester determined in the regulations and directives of our University.

 (5) A student cannot benefit from the registered student rights for diploma or status in Ege University, where he/she takes courses as a special student.

 (6) The special student opportunity can be used for a maximum of two semesters during a program.

(7) Foreign students are required to submit a Turkish Proficiency Certificate. Students who cannot submit a document must be successful in the Turkish Proficiency Exam to be held by   “TÖBİR - Institute of Turkish World Studies” at our University. Those who have a Turkish C1 or C2 level certificate from Turkish Language Teaching Centers of universities in Turkey or Yunus Emre Institute and those who have graduated from high schools affiliated to the Ministry of National Education of the Republic of Turkey, are exempt from Turkish preparatory education.



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