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Student ID Card


Issuance of Identity Card:

The identity card  issued in two ways, for the first time or for renewal.

a) Issuance of the identity card “for the first time”:

A one-time free of charge “Student Identity Card” is prepared by the Registrar's Office for university students and graduates. If the cards given are broken for technical reasons or do not work at all, the ID card will be replaced free of charge.

b) “Renewal” of the identity card:

Renewal of the Identity Cards issued to students and graduates for different reasons like failure and breakage as a result of misuse ; loss, theft or  to be changed at students own will, etc.

A paid identity card will be issued by the Registrar's Office if only the current identity card  returned to our University (except in case of loss or theft).


Procedures for Requesting, Preparing and Delivering a Student Identity Card:

Students who will request a new identity card should  apply for  "Identity Loss / Renewal Application" using their username and password at obys.ege.edu.tr  website and submit the bank receipt showing that they have paid the ID card fee to the Registrar's Office. The newly issued student identity cards are delivered to the students by the Registrar's Office in return for their signature. Identity cards of newly registered students are issued by the Registrar's Office without the need for any further action and are sent to the relevant units to be delivered to the students. Our graduates can also apply for  the “Alumni Card” from the relevant webpage www.mezun.ege.edu.tr.

Use of Student Identity Card:

With their identity cards, our students will be able to add money from their accounts and pay their meal fees without paying cash in the student cafeteria. In addition, our students can benefit from library services by logging in with their student ID cards to the University Library.




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